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Petco Gulf opened its doors in 2001 to manufacture PET containers, bottles and jars. Located in Jabal Ali Free Zone, PETCO is able to access a wide variety of markets. PETCO’ to become a market leaderPetco Gulf is a business entity involved in the mass production of Pet Bottles and Jars. Incorporated in the year 2001, the company is located in the a well renowned Free Zone area, Jabel Ali, Dubai. Managed under the leadership of Mr. Nabil.G.Kanazeh, we are scaling new altitudes in our respective domain. Our technical skill, strong manufacturing abilities, and well-timed delivery are some of the features that have assisted us in attaining a solid foothold in the worldwide market.

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We are renowned as a top Manufacturer and Exporter of high quality Pet Bottles & Caps of various shapes and sizes. With appropriate caps, we also meet cosmetic as well as healthcare packaging requirements. To develop the same, we have built a robust manufacturing unit that is divided in diverse sections to meet the production requirements.

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We have an expert team that comprises technicians as well as pharmaceuticals to guide us in the productions of the High Density Polythene Bottles. In supplement, we have administrators and workers to manage the production, packaging, and distribution process.

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We have maintained a well-connected distribution linkage with prominent wholesalers, dealers, suppliers, retailers, etc. to cater our products in every nook and corner of the World. Thus, we are identified as one of the prominent Pet Bottle Manufacturers and Exporters in UAE. This is the result of our quality centric approach and customer oriented attitude. Also, we endeavor to build strong relationships with our clients.

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PETCO is a market leader in its field. With our continuous innovative designs, latest technology and unrivalled customer service, we continue to grow and gain market share.

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At PETCO we pride ourselves on using the latest technology in the market to manufacture our products. Our machines and our ability to create versatile moulds ensure the best quality products on the market.

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Our customers are very important to us and we strive to provide them with the best service possible. We are always available to listen to our customers and will work with them to ensure complete satisfaction at all times.

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PETCO Gulf applies strict quality control measures at various stages of the production process. Our robust quality control systems ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the products they receive.Customer Satisfaction is extremely important to us and we are always here to listen to your suggestions and ideas.